Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet Effie: She's breaking all the stereotypes - in a good way!

I love puppies. I love to snuggle and smoosh and play and squeeze them. And then I like to let them go home with someone else. I've always felt like they're just too much work. Puppies have crazies in them. They just have a lot to learn. And then there's the potty training. Uff. We adopted our own PRC dog, Callen, when he was around two years old. I REALLY like to skip the puppy stage.

"You thought you didn't like puppies - but that was only because you hadn't met me yet!"

And yet, I agreed to foster a puppy. And to be honest, it's not even fair. I haven't really put a lot of puppy time in, so I feel like we just don't deserve Effie. I haven't paid my puppy dues, but we won the jackpot. Effie is so perfect. She hasn't had a single accident and I don't know where she's hiding her puppy crazies, but I haven't seen them. I even tried to find them. Brought out some squeaky toys and everything. She plays, but she isn't insane. Effie is calm and fun and sweet. We love her. And she loves us, but she clearly prefers our 15-month-old human daughter, Tilda. And Tilda prefers dogs to anyone, so they've got a mutual love fest going on.

"I love my furry foster brother almost as much as my human foster sister. I even like the cats!"

Effie is living in a house with three adults, a baby, a dog and two cats. She took NO time to transition, she just goes with it. She hasn't been nervous or needed any time to adjust. She's just ready to live life as a family dog in her very own home. Whoever gets to call this pup their very own is going to be one lucky family. Effie loves to hang out with you, but she's also crate-trained. And not just your normal crate-trained. She walks right in there and will hang out even when you're not crating her. She slept in her crate last night and didn't make a peep.

Effie is incredibly smart and we've been testing her sit and recall. She catches on so fast. She's going to be someone's little rock star. And while looks aren't everything, she's just ridiculously adorable. Like, SERIOUSLY beautiful.

"I'm trying to teach my foster momma that when I sit, she gives me a treat. She keeps forgetting and takes my picture instead but I know if we keep practicing, she'll get better at her trick."

I never would have thought a puppy could be so easy. I like to think I'm a person who will read the book before judging the cover, blah, blah, blah. But I wasn't living by that and you've proven me wrong.  Thank you, Effie.

"You're welcome!"

Thanks to Effie's foster mom Amy for this sweet introduction to our beautiful Effie. For more information about Effie and how to meet and possibly adopt her, please visit our website.

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