Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Koorie—She's Ready to Take You to a Whole New Level

So one of the first things I said when I met Koorie was, "Seriously. Are you kidding me? I hate her."
No you don't! You loooove me!!

 You see, I'm committed to being a dog foster mom. And Koorie is the kind of dog that sets a girl up to fail. I immediately started reassuring myself that I can do this.

The very moment you meet Koorie, you know her. She is 100% sugar. She loves absolutely everything, everyone, every dog. She is all goodness. That's pretty much all that needs to be said about her. So why would I give her up? Why not adopt her?

Because there are others out there that are looking for the dog love of their life and I have to be true to my own personal mission. She is an amazing gift. I have to let someone else experience her love. But I have some hopes and dreams for this girl. While she would be great with anyone, in any situation, I'd love to see her with someone who will be as committed to her as she is to them. Have you been looking for a dog that can show you how meaningful and special that human-dog bond can be?

Maybe you're thinking about trying out a therapy dog program? This is your girl. I'd love to see Koorie get to share her love in that way. She would be a perfect candidate. Or maybe you'd like to try agility or flyball? Koorie is the kind of dog that would love to have the opportunity to do some of those really rewarding activities that show a person and a dog exactly how and why we are made to not only cohabitate, but to share our lives and hearts with each other. Koorie might be your doggie soulmate.

Truthfully, she could go to anyone, anywhere, and thrive. But maybe you or someone you know is looking for a dog like her. Maybe you want to explore all that the dog world has to offer. I guarantee that whatever love and devotion you give to her, she will give it back to you ten times over.

Oh, and did I mention she's great with dogs, cats, and our one-year-old? Yeah. She's just awful. :)

I'm also very photogenic, in case you haven't noticed.

Many thanks to Koorie's foster mom, Amy, for this wonderful profile of one of our favoriate pups. We're also very pleased to say that Koorie has been adopted and is doing well with her fantastic new family.

Are you interested in becoming a foster home for Project Rescue? If so, please reach out to us at

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