Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet Jubilee: Every Minute is a Celebration!

Jubilee is an enigma. Spuds McKenzie mixed with 101 Dalmatians. She is calm, stoic, goofy, athletic, energetic, gentle, obedient, independent, smart, clumsy and agile. She is learning SO fast. She will learn anything anyone wants to teach her. She has these "old soul" eyes that just look at you and say "I get it."

Jubilee challenges PRC alumni Callen to a Soulful Gaze Contest.

But then she has the goofiest puppy smile when she runs and plays.

"I'm also part Tigger."

Jubilee is living in a full foster house. Two cats, a dog, and a seven-month-old baby! She's just good with everyone. She loves every dog she meets but she doesn't overwhelm them. She is a master of balance. She wants to greet every child she sees, but she doesn't jump on them. A perfect sit paired with a slow lean in for a sniff and, if they stay invitingly close to her face, a quick kiss. Not too much, not sloppy or slobbery. Those perfect dog kisses that you only see in the movies. :)

And then there's the playful, goofy Jubilee. We took her to one of the dog-friendly areas of the forest preserve. And she ran. Like I have never seen a dog run before (well, I saw a greyhound on a near full-on run once... she is an athlete). She was overjoyed to run on the trails with other dogs. She bounced and hopped and threw it into fifth gear for some all out sprints. She swam. Jubilee is a lover of the outdoors. She can go anywhere. She loves meeting dogs, kids, people, everything and everyone. Jubilee is an absolute joy to take anywhere.

But then, there's this girl:

The napper. The cuddler. She'll curl right next to you and sleep. She cuddles so well. She doesn't smother you. She just finds herself a good fit right next to you. She has so many great aspects to her personality. She will find her perfect, forever fit. No doubt about it. Maybe it's you. Maybe it's someone you know. She is very patient. She'll wait. That perfect match is out there.

"Is it you I'm waiting for?!"

Many thanks to Jubilee's foster mom, Amy, for sharing Jubilee's story. To learn more about meeting or adopting Jubilee, please complete an application with Project Rescue Chicago.