Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall: The Perfect Time to Adopt

So many people think that spring is the perfect time of year to adopt a new furry family member. We can see their point, of course. The days are getting longer. Everyone is excited for the warmer weather and looking forward to being outside to enjoy it (perfect timing for those training walks with their new buddy). Some people wait until their kids are on summer break or even go so far as to plan a vacation around helping their new pup settle into their home. We totally get it.

But as you can imagine, we also think fall is a perfect time of year to adopt a new furry family member. Here are just our top five reasons:

This is Jubilee.
  1. A new dog in the house will keep you moving, even in the bad weather. That’s right—your new schedule, which includes training, walks and playing (it’s a lot more fun when you’re doing it than when you’re talking about it!) will help keep you moving and help keep those extra winter pounds from sneaking up on you. 
  2. Chachi would love to be your lap warmer.
  3. Coming home to a happy face helps beat the winter blues. The Midwest is downright depressing when the sun rises after you’ve gotten to work and sets before you head home. Knowing that your evening commute will end with a greeting that is 100 percent genuine adoration (and a wagging tail and a sloppy kiss) can cure even the worst winter blues.
  4. Lower your thermostat. No need to keep your thermostat as high when you have your own personal fur blanket who is happy to ensure that every single inch of your lap (or as much of it as he can cover) is nice and cozy.
  5. Settling into a regular routine right off the bat helps everyone make a smooth transition. It does sound ideal to spend a week’s vacation getting to know your new pup, but sometimes the best setting is the one you and your pup will experience on a regular basis. This can be especially true for puppies and other dogs who thrive on routine. Letting them know right away what to expect in their new home can be the best way to ensure that you all settle in together quickly and comfortably. 
  6. It’s never the wrong time to bring more love into your life. Some of our most appreciative adopters are those who didn’t expect to adopt at all. And whether they accidentally fell for their foster pup or were humoring a friend or family member by “just going to meet the dog,” they will all tell you that their dog has literally changed their lives for the better. You don’t even have to take our word for it—you can read some of our adoption stories here on our blog. So why wait? Some lucky pup in our program can hardly wait to meet you!
Stella would love to meet you!

To find out more about our adoptable dogs, visit our website: http://www.projectrescuechicago.org/. And if you have a story to share with us about your own adoption experience, please email us.

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  1. Oh...those are all very good reasons. And very convincing.