Friday, May 27, 2011

The Story of Sully

My partner Eric and I had an awesome corgi mix dog that unfortunately got sick and passed away in the fall of 2008. It was hard, and we always missed having a little buddy around. She was a rescued dog, so I knew the next dog in our lives would be the same – a rescued dog. I knew it would be good to wait, so after one year plus some months, the itch was too much and I was checking out on a daily basis. That is how I came to find Project Rescue Chicago. 

A glamour shot of a corgi/golden retriever mix was staring at me in the face, and I immediately filled out the application to see this little peach of a dog. AND BRIDGID CALLED! We came to see the dude known as Fielder. He was a bundle of energy and we loved him. He REALLY loved Eric, and they bonded immediately. It must have been that male commonality. 

Bridgid had 9+ applications on him, and we were the lucky ones to take him home!! I don’t remember what I wrote, Bridgid, but thank you!! We had a hard time saying “Fielder” in our silly dog voice, so we changed his name to Sullivan Fitzpatrick. Sully adjusted immediately to us, and he is so fun! His personality is awesome, he loves to play and snuggle, and we can’t imagine him not being in our lives. 

When Sully comes to PRC, he always remembers Bridgid, and runs to her with total recognition that she’s his first mommy in his new life. Thank you PRC – keep doing what you’re doing because the happiness from having one of your dogs that you’ve rescued is one of the best joys in the world!

Many thanks to Emily and Eric for opening their home and their hearts to Sully and for sharing their story with us.

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