Friday, March 4, 2011

Starting off with a look back!

2010 Top 10 Adoptions....and why!

#1 Sloan-Many of you remember this white beauty that waited for her forever home for quite some time. Well she has it, and we love her mom! Sloan will always be one for the books!

#2 Watson-Our handsome senior aussie! He was so sick and in such bad shape when he arrived from a high kill facility in southern illinois, but a wonderful woman  named Michelle fell in love and adopted him. He had 6 perfect months with her until he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Watson passed away a few weeks ago, but we are SO glad he had 6 glorious, happy, warm months.

#3 Raine and Fergus-Remember the "specials," as we called them? Brother and sister deaf and vision impaired aussies who came from the same high kill facility as Watson. They were adopted together by an amazing couple in bolingbrook who fell in love with their silly personalities. It's always amazing when sibling pups get adopted together!

#4 Surry-This handsome aussie was a ball of fear when he arrived. He bonded to us quickly and learned how to be a dog. Surry's transformation was amazing. He is in a great great home with his dad Ryan and will have an awesome life.

#5 Gidget-Gidget lived at Animal Control for SO many months, and then was with us for well over a year. She met her match and is living the good life now! Dogs who can handle being in a rescue/shelter environment for that long are really really amazing!

#6 Molly-I personally have a ridiculous love for Miss Molly. I saw her and her 3  10 day old puppies at ACC and just had to take them. Molly was a great mom, and  the first mom and puppies of PRC! Everyone found GREAT homes and I still see Molly on a regular basis!

#7 Taylor-you may recall a dog we had that was shaved down and looked like one of the grateful dead dancing bears?! Well he came from Gary Indiana matted, full of  ticks and fleas, heartworm positive and a general mess. But he was cute as can be and won over Amy (our awesome photographer) and Mike! He's changed their lives, and vice versa!

#8 Violet-Pretty Pretty Violet stole our hearts down at ACC. She was adopted by a family with a great pittie mix and the two of them are crazy in love!

#9 Baja- An aussie mix, Baja (now Summer) waited for awhile for her forever home  to come along. She stole their hearts at an adoption event in August and turned the cat-lovin' family into a cat and dog lovin family! They even put in a fence around their backyard for her!

#10 Caruso-Big lunky headed mastiff boy turned one of our directors into a mastiff-lover! He is an amazing, sweet, playful dog and is in a great home in the burbs!