Friday, April 15, 2011

"Lexi would love to smile for you"

The pretty girl in our profile photo is Lexi. A gorgeous pitbull with a whipsmart personality, Lexi is one of those dogs everyone falls in love with. She is so lucky to be living in a foster home as of last week, and this is what Alison and Mike had to report to us today!

"We've had Lexi for a little over a week now and she has been a joy to foster. We
can't begin to imagine why she was an owner-surrender at animal control last year.
Lexi was one of the dogs we walked for PRC for months with many potential adopters overlooking

her time and again. She was one of our favorites to walk and play with
and has continued her good reputation in our home. We aren't sure why anyone
wouldn't want to adopt this lovely lady. She has so many endearing qualities and
is so well-behaved in our home. She would be a wonderful addition to a family.

Lexi gets along great with our male American bulldog/pit bull mix and our
neighbor's female pug. Marley, Phoebe, and Lexi had a blast playing together last
weekend when we finally had some warm weather and could barbeque. Lexi was
well-mannered meeting all of the new people. She knows her basic manners (come,
sit, down, go to your crate), and she's very responsive to new ones (the bed is a
humans-only zone and no, you may not be my sous-chef). She is also great during
walks, rarely pulling and always listening to direction.

Lexi loves sleeping in a nest of pillows and blankets (the softer and fluffier the
better), and she also loves doing yoga--an ironic reverse downward facing dog
stretch that she launches into many times throughout the day. But she's hardly a
prissy indoor dog. She also loves exploring our backyard and playing fetch. We're
working on the "drop-it" aspect of fetch, but right now a two-ball system works
great for giving her plenty of exercise and fun.

My favorite thing about Lexi has to be her smile--yes, dogs smile. I noticed when
I was petting and scratching her head one night that the corners of her lips
curled up into a smile. When I stopped touching her, they relaxed again. It was
possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen a dog do. Lexi would love to smile
for you."